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Convert your Figma designs to Flutter code faster with FUNCTION12

FUNCTION12 is the smart and considerate frontend view code assistant that interprets your Figma design into responsive Flutter code faster in more accurate and developer-friendly manner than any other figma-to-code services available in the market.

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How to convert your Figma design to Flutter code in FUNCTION12

After importing Figma design into FUNCTION12 workspace, go through 4 simple steps to get production-ready Flutter code.

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    Step 01

    Inspect and review UI components in imported Figma Design

    Inspect each UI components style properties including margin, padding, alignment, absolute code with intuitive inspector tool.

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    Step 02

    Configure layout properties and add actions

    Fix the errors you noticed through inspector tool with visual editor where you can edit object hierarchy, object layout, and style properties with few clicks and keyboarding.

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    Step 03

    Preview project

    Preview your project running on Flutter code.

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    Step 04

    Export Code

    Export your Flutter code into zipped file format. Extract the file and run your code package locally to view your project with interactions, responsiveness and navigation. Following features are coming soon to make your code to be more production-ready.

    • ● Data Binding
    • ● UX Debugger

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